TGM is a young and dynamic brand, it is established by a steel factory which has more than 36 years solid experience on steel processing, therefore TGM has the ability to handle most of product developments especially in heat treatment, metal properties and clad metal development. TGM is one of experts in this industry.


The TGM head office is based in Taiwan and currently has three plants in China and one plant in Taiwan. Our products include kitchenware tableware, accessories and metal composites. Thanks to the production capacity of the factory, we also offer OEM,ODM and customized products to meet the needs of our customers and the local market.


"New technology, New materials, New style, New life“

TGM uses exclusive materials to create beautiful kitchenware and tableware with new technology, and our products will bring consumers a new life experience.




© 2022 — All Rights Reserved

© 2022 — All Rights Reserved