Silk in steel~Damascus Steel
Damascus steel is one of the ironclad proofs of the ancients in pursuit of perfection. The forging method is complicated and time consuming. Only the experienced master can perfectly control the texture of the fire and metal folding. It is a unique piece of art created by the master with experience, skill, wisdom and concentration.

TGM Damascus Steel

TGM uses its own lamination technology to combine three different types of stainless. We choose 304 and 420 stainless as outer layer, because of these two materials have very good ability to prevent rust, and also provide a soft outer layer to protect core layer break from accidental falling. Except the outer layer, TGM uses one of the hardest stainless 440 C, this makes TGM's kitchen knives have excellent hardness, anti embroidering ability and appearance by professional heat treatment skill. Through hardness test, the hardness of core layer is around Rockwell (HRC) 58-61±1 which is fully meet the hardness required by professional chefs.

TGM Damascus Kitchen Knife
TGM accumulates more than 36 years of materials and processing technology, and has the bility to develop suitable composite materials. Based on this capability, TGM's products are the most suitable for various requirements, regardless of aesthetics, practicality, quality erformance or maintenance of kitchen knives are the best design.
The characteristics of TGM kitchen knives have the hardness of HRC 58-61±1 while having the anti rust ability, and have good performance in cutting!
The aesthetically pleasing metal pattern is also a major feature, adding an extraordinary cultural atmosphere to the cooking process and enhancing our lifestyle. This is the core value of TGM merchandise, allowing Damascus Steel to be integrated into our lives through ingenuity.




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