TGM knife maintenance instructions

  • After use, clean with a sponge dipped in dishwasher.
  • Do not use a hard scrubbing tool such as steel wool to clean the knife to avoid scratching the blade.
  • It is forbidden to put knife in high temperature sterilization equipment such as drying machine to avoid high temperature damage.
  • After the knife has been cleaned, wipe off the water and place it in a ventilated place.
  • To extend knife life, avoid multi purpose use.

Sharpening instructions

◆ Type of sharpening stone
There are many types of sharpening stone, including natural sharpening stone and artificial sharpening stone. The artificial sharpening stone is different from ceramics or diamonds. The effect of each sharpening stone is different The best thing at the moment is the diamond sharpening stone.
As for the grip type knife sharpener, the advantage is that it is convenient and time saving, but the grain of the sharpened knife is parallel to the blade surface, the cutting edge lacks cutting force, and it is difficult to maintain long term sharpness.
◆ Sharpening stone coefficient
Common coefficients are 400, 800, 1000, 3000, 6000. If you pursue the ultimate, there are 8000, 12000, 18000 numbers. The higher the number, the thinner and smoother the sharpening stone.

◆ Sharpening frequency
People who work in professional kitchens will use knives for work all day, and they will grind them once in two or three days. The kitchen knife for the general family can be grind for a few months or half a year.

◆ How to determine the angle of sharpening

Use the marker to draw black on the blade. After the whole blade is blacked out, start grinding. After grinding for four or five times, confirm whether the blackened part of the blade has been worn away. If yes, it means the angle is right. If not, the angle must be adjusted.

◆ How to confirm if the knife is sharp

The most convenient test method is to use non wrinkled paper to make the paper hang and use a knife to cut from any edge of the paper. The sharper the knife is, the more labor saving it is.

◆ Sharpening force
The higher the coefficient of the sharpening stone, the softer the force is to avoid skewing the angle of the sharpening.

◆ Before using sharpening stone
The sharpening stone should be soaked in water for about fifteen minutes before use.




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